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Fulhealth Silver Colloid 500ml – by Fulhealth.

Colloidal Silver is thought to kill an average of 650 different organisms – compared to the 6 of a standard antibiotic! It is safe for adults, children, animals and pregnant and nursing women. It can be applied topically and internally and has no reaction with other medications. Silver has been used its antibacterial and anti fungal properties since the dark ages. With recent research explaining as to why the use of silver has been so successful for treating a myriad of health ailments, silver is now returning as an ingredient in many commercial products for good reason. Included in this list of commercial products is Dish cloths, paper towels, deodorants, mattresses, washing machines, refrigerators and in water purifier filter cartridges. Fulhealth Industries silver colloid is manufactured in a semi-sealed environment free from dirt, dust and lint particles. All surface areas are sanitised daily using Silver and Hydrogen. Does not contain any artificial ingredients, stabilisers, compounds, salts, proteins or colours Unfortunately, not all of the colloidal silver products now on the market are manufactured correctly. In fact, some of these are not ‘true’ electrocratic colloids at all, regardless of the claims made on the product label. Many methods for manufacturing colloids were used before the 1930’s. These fall into five main groups: Grind Wave Liquid Chemical Electrical Today, the F.D.A. only recognises two to be suitable ways to manufacture. These are the grind process and the electro-colloidal process. Although a cheaper, chemical process is being used by some manufactures today. The main drawback to the grind method is that because the size of the particles are so large, gravity pulls on them causing the particles to settle to the bottom of the solution. To offset this problem, manufacturers add a ‘stabiliser’ and by doing this the particles tend to settle much more slowly. If the colloidal silver is let stand too long, it will need to be shaken to redisperse the particles. These large silver particles or clusters are unable to be absorbed properly and therefore the effectiveness of the colloidal silver is lost. Usually this form of colloidal silver ranges in colour from slightly greyish colour to a blackish colour. The colour depends on the concentration of the silver and on the stabiliser that is used. In recent years the chemical process has been widely employed to replace the grind method but it too falls short of the superior quality of ‘true’ Electrocratic Silver Colloid. The chemicals used in this type of method are powerful acids that help break down the silver. Medical researchers believe this may lead to harmful side-effects. This method can also affect the pH of the colloidal solution, making it more acidic. Like the grind process, chemically produced colloidal silver also requires stabilisers. The stabilisers in colloidal silver, disrupt the activity of the silver particles, causing them to bond together into large clusters. This then blocks the free working germicidal action that would normally take place if the silver particles were small and independent. Silver salt colloids, another chemical process that is more commonly found on the market today, is only safe when applied externally. Both the grind process and the chemical process can cause a discolouration of the skin if taken excessively. The advanced and purest way of making a top grade Silver Colloid is using the Electro-colloidal process. This method produces extremely fine silver particles that are suspended in de-ionised water, each particle having a tiny electromagnetic charge. If done correctly, this method replaces the need for any chemicals, stabilisers or protein additives and should not have any preservatives, artificial flavourings or colouring agents. The tiny electrical charge placed on the silver should create a repelling force. This will prevent the particles forming clusters and the product can then be called a ‘true’ colloid of silver. Colloids produced using this method are the highest quality Silver Colloids. They range in colour from clear, pale yellow to a golden yellow. They do not need to be refrigerated or shaken. It is this silver colloid that also has the quality for injection use, under medical supervision, of course. A quick and simple way to test a ‘true’ silver colloid is when a sharp and intense beam of light passes through the solution. The path of light will appear to be turbid and reflect the colours from pale grey blue to bright blue. The best way to observe this is to take a test tube of silver colloid into a dark room. Remember: silver is light sensitive, so it is best to keep your high purity silver colloid in a cool dark cupboard away from magnetic fields. MANUFACTURING: Fulhealth Industries silver colloid is manufactured in a semi-sealed environment free from dirt, dust and lint particles. All surface areas are sanitised daily using Silver and Hydrogen peroxide disinfection. All water used has a pH value of between 7 and 10 to assure alkaline prominence. All water to be used is treated by being passed through two 250mm beds of ion exchange resins. Prior to de-ionising, all water is passed through a .4 micron absolute mechanical filtration system and then degassed. Silver electrodes are charged with a specific electrical current so as to introduce silver particles into the de-ionised water. The process is able to remove larger particles of silver (above .010 microns approx.). RAW PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: SILVER: Selected 99.999%+ fine silver. WATER PROCESS: Pre-filtered to less than .4 micron and degassed, de-ionised through a 500mL hydrogen based mixed ion exchange resin bed. WATER CONDUCTIVITY: Less than 1 microsemin per centimeter. SILVER COLLOID SPECIFICATIONS: CONCENTRATION: 5mg/L – 10mg/L SUSPENDED SILVER PARTICLE SIZE: .008 – .010 microns. CONDUCTIVITY: Less than 15 microsemins per centimeter @ 5 mg/L. COLOUR: Pale yellow.

Directions for use:

Start with 1ml in a glass of water or fruit juice daily. Gradually increase up to 1-2 teaspoons twice a day (5-10ml). Requires refrigeration after opening.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm


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